Sunesis Interactive  

At Sunesis, we understand that introducing new software into your company can be a complex and often daunting process. We are committed to making that process as easy as possible. We guide you through the specification of your requirements, we implement and install the software, we provide user training and we conduct maintenance on the system and provide other technical support.

Specific services that we supply include:

  • Business analysis. We provide analysis of your business to determine the best strategy for improving your operations with personalised software solutions.
  • System analysis & design. We carefully analyse your requirements and provide a design which fully satisfies your software needs.
  • Custom software solutions. Our software is custom designed specifically to satisfy your unique needs.
  • Software integration with existing systems. We can build systems that interface with and take advantage existing systems, such as databases. Your current data and software need not be replaced.
  • Internet enabled application development. Get your business on the web or improve the way in which it operates online. Have 24 hour access your applications from anywhere in the world.