Sunesis Interactive  

Sunesis Interactive is a growing software consultancy that has established a reputation with our clients for quality computing services. Apart from being able to offer technical expertise specific to your current requirements, we at Sunesis have a strong belief in ethics. Integrity is a key word in our work philosophy, and we work hard to keep our business practices at a high standard.

We at Sunesis understand that your only interest in our software lies in improving your business. We are focused on helping you to achieve your organisational objectives, whether they be for profit, increased efficiency, ease of operation, a wider reach, expansion or anything else.

From a technical perspective we have the capability to take a software development project through all phases from conception to completion, including:

  •  Analysis
  •  Design
  •  Implementation
  •  Testing
  •  Deployment
  •  Training
  •  Maintenance and Support

Our ability to work through the entire project life cycle means we can provide continuity in design and implementation after completing the analysis and recommendation stages, often eliminating the need to find another service provider when the project moves through to the next phase.

Our recommendations are not based on marketing information provided by product vendors, but on real world experience with how the products perform in a range of environments.

Our Practical Experience

Because we have been involved directly in the implementation stage on many projects, our recommendations on software development frameworks and methods are not based purely on theory. Instead we have clear insight into which technologies work and which don't, and how the infrastructure is impacted by software and hardware needs. We are also able to guide our clients into choosing value for money solutions.

Our Track Record

We have a strong track record of delivering systems that meet client needs on time and on budget. We view every project as a chance to improve that record. As a result we gain most of our work through referrals.

Our Strength in Web-Based Projects

Sunesis specialises in developing software systems that involve web-based interfaces. This includes intranets, extranets, and web sites. It also includes projects using the various Internet protocols to provide connectivity and communication. Our knowledge and experience of web-based technologies is both broad and deep.